Big Plans in Big Geneva

SwissMarine are one of the world’s largest Freight and Commodity Traders, since being established in 2001 they have grown to own a significant share of the global freight market. With offices based strategically around the world (Bermuda, Geneva, Singapore, Copenhagen and Tokyo), SwissMarine now turn over more than $1 Billion annually.

This success is largely based on their unique, home grown, client-focused team; meaning that any additions to the team must be done in the right way. Since 2011 SwissMarine have worked with Brightsparks to ensure that they are getting the best graduate talent each year for their “Graduate Trainee Freight & Commodity Trader Programme”.

The SwissMarine “Graduate Programme” is a unique one, in that the hiring process is based in London but the role itself is based in their Geneva HQ. This meant not only attracting the best talent across Europe with the social, academic and work based experience; but also ensuring that they are confident relocating to Switzerland.

From receiving sign off from Peter Weernink in June 2017 the Brightsparks team began the search. Over the course of 4 weeks a dedicated team completed almost 1000 phone interviews, to narrow this down to a group of amazing candidates for an Assessment Day in our London office.

As the role consists of so many different skill sets, the day itself was specifically tailored to test the graduates to the fullest over the course of 8 hours. Resulting in offers and contracts going out to the candidates within a week of the Assessment Day, in anticipation of a start date of September 1st.

The SwissMarine Graduate Scheme is a perfect example of the adaptability, drive and dedication of the Brightsparks team, and the lengths we as a business are willing to go to ensure success for our clients.

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