Social Media is Inescapable in the Workplace

Whether It’s In Digital Marketing Graduate Jobs or Sales, You Can’t Escape Social Media

As our constant companion, informant and court jester, the impact of Social Media on the workplace is hard to ignore.

No longer the preserve of marketing types, the various social platforms have now become integrated into our personal lives to such an extent that they cannot help but have an impact on our corporate existence. Any work / life divide is utterly irrelevant in the virtual world, and if embraced in the right way, social media can be a huge asset both to individuals and their employers. However, if mismanaged or misunderstood, there is equally the chance of irreparable damage to both a personal and employer brand.

The stakes are high, we can’t ignore it, so we want to get it “right.”

Getting it right. That’s a really interesting concept. We live in an age of information overload, where “gig economy” consultants sometimes outnumber employees, and everyone has their own angle backed up by equally compelling facts. The interesting thing about social media is that its common denominator is each individual participant, and just as every corporate culture is a unique blend of their employees, the concept of “getting it right” will vary greatly from company to company.

If you’re one of those looking into digital marketing graduate jobs; do take good note of this. It should be said that corporate social media works best when employees can be authentic, and this is why it won’t be a perfect solution for all. Asking a camera-shy Sales Manager to cultivate a SnapChat following will come across as forced. Expecting weighty business blogs from early 20-somethings is equally not such a great idea. Spreading your efforts across every available platform in the hope of a few “bites” will equally end in disappointment. Your social media strategy should start with who you are, you should work out where your target audience is, and aim to meet somewhere in the middle. If you are authentic, and they are interested, it is highly likely that you will stay on their radar for the long term.

Whatever your approach, the one thing that you can’t do with Social Media is ignore it.

As Social Media Week (#SMW16) unfolds, it is unlikely that companies do not have social selling at the top of their “to-do” lists. Striking up conversations with current and future customers and employees is at the very heart of good business, but social media is still seen by many as a one-way broadcast rather than a two-way chat. Even when you only have 140 characters to communicate, Twitter has proved this to be utterly wrong.

Virtual reality, video and social are currently combining into a perfect storm to bring us closer than ever to each other. Technology is reducing the effort and time required to get involved, and companies are starting to leverage the marketing collateral in the social media accounts of their employees. There are the inevitable grey areas in terms of personal vs. professional behaviours – i.e. don’t share the drunken pics of your mate’s wedding on Facebook just in case a client or future employer sees it (or at least ensure you have sufficient privacy settings!) – but with a flexible approach, even the stuffiest corporate can reveal its human face.

People do business with other people. Social Media helps to facilitate this.


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