Employing graduates & emerging talent.
The business of brighter talent.


Pre-assessed graduate and emerging talent from £599/month.

Having already employed 15,000+ students & graduates ourselves, we know a thing or two about your target employees.

We utilise our values-based assessment tools to profile our candidates culturally and professionally. We understand how to recruit on values, talent and transferable skills.

By combining this with our bespoke technology and unique talent pipeline, we have developed an enormously scalable model for talent acquisition. We offer three competitively-priced packages, starting at £599/month, with options to add the Brightsparks Academy and extend the free replacement period:

  1. On-demand
  2. Try before you buy
  3. Bespoke campaigns

Discover exceptional talent for your business, today.

  • One-off vacancies
  • Fully outsourced recruitment campaigns
  • Unparalleled understanding of our candidates’ skills and personalities
  • Diverse community of staff and candidates
  • Accurate candidate matching, with proven results
  • Detailed understanding of your business requirements
  • Massive savings for your business, in time and money

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