From London to Leeds


The BeyondTrust team were delighted with Brightsparks’ high-quality process that brought through some exceptional candidates, making the final hire a tough choice.


The Need

BeyondTrust, who’s UK office is based in Leeds; wanted to recruit a team of high-calibre sales professionals with an interest in technology. The English-speaking role would entail working closely with the BeyondTrust Lead Development team in Phoenix and the German speaking role would involve supporting and increasing business in the DACH region. Both roles included maintaining a great relationship with existing clients, but also having the ability to attract new business to compliment the company’s long- term growth. Furthermore, they were looking for candidates who would understand and implement their company values.

The Solution

Brightsparks initially spent time researching the business and visited the Leeds offices to understand the company in more detail. To gain a true understanding of what the Lead Development role entails, we also conducted numerous calls with the Phoenix team that the successful candidates would be working with.

Compiling the information, Brightsparks spent time exploring the talent pool in-depth and targeted candidates who had not only the relevant experiences, but in one aspect also had the German fluency that was required for the second role. It was also essential to find candidates who had an interest in technology, but who were also passionate in taking the step in their career. The candidate pool was narrowed down to the top 20% of graduates who met the criteria for the role and expressed a deep interest in joining BeyondTrust.

From here, the Brightsparks Team ran an Assessment day at the BeyondTrust offices in Leeds to measure the candidates’ abilities and competencies. It was beneficial for candidates to explore the BeyondTrust offices but also an insight to what life could be like working there. With the presence of the management team, including those who had flown in from Phoenix, it allowed the candidates to enhance their understanding of the roles on offer. Throughout the course of the day, the candidates took part in a series of values-based activities, and a German speaking conversation, to demonstrate key skills and attributes that the BeyondTrust team were particularly looking for in a hire.

The Outcome

BeyondTrust were overwhelmed with the high quality in candidates in attendance on the day. They took eight through to final round interviews at their offices the following day. Hires and offers were then made four days after the interview stage, demonstrating a quick yet efficient solution for BeyondTrust and helping the growth within their business.