We are a unique and diverse network united by the qualities that underpin our motto, “performance with personality”. We champion all the qualities and traits that come together to produce successful careers.

Crucially, these include personality and character traits; peoples’ soft skills combine with their hard skills and intellectual ability to produce well-rounded and successful individuals.

Becoming a Brightspark is not just about the present, but your whole career lifecycle; from your student jobs, through your career as a graduate and professional, remaining part of our alumni and even returning to recruit people like yourself later in your career.

Job Description:

Looking for your first career move after graduating or your next step up the ladder to take your career to the next level?

Our team is able to provide guidance and support in finding your next role. We look beyond the black and white on your CV to really understand your strengths, characteristics and personality to match you to the company, team and position where you are most likely to succeed.

In the early stages of your career, transferable skills and culture fit are of crucial importance and our clients value our insight and expertise, gained by directly employing a well as placing graduates, to find the talent most appropriate to their organisations. We are sure you will value it too.


All Brightsparks are united by their blend of skills and personality, which combine to promote superior performance and successful careers.

The friends and contacts you make through you involvement with Brightsparks can last a lifetime and enrich both your professional and social lives.

By joining our event staffing team as a student or being finding your next career move through our professional recruitment team, you are joining an exclusive club.

We very proud of the relationships we build with Brightsparks and encourage our alumni to stay in touch, both with us and each other, over the many years to come.

Later in your careers, when hiring for your own team or company find people like you who will add the most value to your organization. Return to your alumni and recruit Brightsparks.

Additional information:

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.