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Earn valuable funds while working at great events with like-minded people. You’ll make more than just money; you’ll make friends and connections while gaining valuable experience.

Experiences matter.

The skills and experiences you will gain doing valuable work as a student will prepare you for your career and help build relationships with people that can last a lifetime. New experiences and relationships will continue develop throughout your career and life. These combine to help form who we all are and where we all fit in the wider career ecosystem.

Launching your career.

Leaving your academic life behind you and launching your career is a big step. We can help. Finding the right job for you will help you fulfil your ambitions and those of your employer.

Climbing the career ladder.

Brightsparks and our community are here to help you climb your career ladder faster, to get more out of your career so you can also make the most of your life outside of work too.

Brightsparks help your business flourish.

Having progressed in your own career, who better to hire than people like you to drive your team and organisation forward? Who better to hire than other Brightsparks?

Greater than the sum of our parts.

We are proud to have built relationships with so many great people and supported them in some way or another over their career lifecycle. It is this strength in numbers and quality of relations which creates a community of people much greater than its sum of parts; a community that grows in strength with every new member.

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