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Episode 7 

I think Sarah says it all so, in her words!:

My name is Sarah, I’m 25, Irish and  a big fan of Brightsparks!

I worked with Brightsparks for nearly 4 years while I lived in London. I was working full time but on a temporary basis in a primary school so Brightsparks was so handy for filling in school breaks when I wasn’t being paid during that time. Once I went permanent in the school, I kept working with Brightsparks as the extra pay really helped with living in expensive London. I wanted to become a primary school teacher and the experience I was gaining in my position in the school isn’t available in Ireland so working with Brightsparks allowed me to save for uni while living in London and to have a social life, because.. well.. Balance!

Brightsparks was a perfect fit for me as I had waitressing experience however I met plenty of people who had no previous experience and were trained to provide a high level of VIP service or working in other areas. The easily accessed app meant I could plan in advance and decide when I wanted to work and where. I personally enjoyed working in Twickenham most so would make sure to sign up to as many matches and events held there. I worked in private boxes and the agency would do their best to keep the same staff in the same areas. A handy tip- there was always plenty of work going, no matter what venue you prefer, for November and December ensuring you have plenty of extra cash for Christmas!

Since leaving Brightsparks I have moved back to Ireland and returned to uni to study Primary Teaching. My experience and references from Brightsparks helped me to secure a part time job at home. From working in new venues and working with so many different people I feel more prepared for starting my teaching placement. I can be quite uncomfortable in new situations and was feeling quite daunted by the idea of walking into a new class, school, staffroom etc but I am far more confident now than I was before.

I highly recommend Brightsparks as an agency. They are easy going but professional which is difficult to find. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating and I hope to see them again.

Best of luck!

Episode 6

Jonny worked with us at a range of amazing events as well as going on to work directly with one of our clients as part of their F1 hospitality team!

Jonny: 2008 – 2012

It might be nearly a decade since I last worked with Brightsparks, but the work I did with them and the personality I developed have certainly contributed to the path my life has taken and continues to do so to the present day. From my time with Brightsparks, I was able to develop skills and personality traits that are not only useful in the professional world but can also be exhibited in social contexts; skills such as communication, man management, delegation, organisation and traits such as concentration, confidence, responsibility and respect for others. Lessons were sometimes learnt the hard way but were nevertheless taken on board for the better.

Undoubtedly, I am indebted to Brightsparks for the four years I spent working in Formula One in hospitality and logistics. Without a blend of the beforementioned skills and their good word of course, the opportunity, which I admittedly had never considered in a million years would never have become a reality. In this role, I was able to exhibit all these soft skills along with the hospitality itself; all this in far flung corners of the world such as Australia, Brazil, Canada and Japan. Working in a fast, high pressure F1 environment, working with not only your team, but the rest of the F1 community quickly became second nature which meant I was able to enjoy the experience even more.

To the present day, I still need to display the skills I developed with Brightsparks in working as a freelance translator and interpreter, while also developing this as my own business. Organisation and delegation/ man management are paramount, and communication and levels of professionalism have to be maintained in order to succeed. Working as an interpreter requires levels of concentration and confidence which can be developed working in the busy team environments provided by Brightsparks.

A lot of this has come from putting in the hours at all the different venues with Brightsparks. To end on a rather light note; the friends I worked with, and the fun experiences with them also play a huge contributing factor in what I have done and do now and probably what I will do in the future too and it is something I always made the most of.

Thank you Jonny and we wish you the best of luck with all future adventures!