Great staff will make your event for your guests

The word ‘Event’ invites excitement and high expectation. However, there are many variables that cannot be predicted or completely controlled, which makes the planning process more difficult.

There are five main elements that contribute to the success of many an event:

  • Guests & attendees
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Venue
  • Customer service (last, but certainly not least!)

If any of the first four elements fall down, there is always an opportunity to rescue the integrity of an event by fantastic delivery of the fifth element, customer service.

Great customer service can only be delivered by great staff; staff are the personal link between the event and the guests. An event cannot be planned to allow for an infinite number of scenarios and issues but the choice of staff representing the event can be controlled.

Core attributes of great event staff include:

  • Presentation & communication skills
  • Personality & approachability
  • Ability to use initiative & work calmly under pressure
  • Show discretion & respect
  • Excellent work ethic & flexibility

A great member of staff will relay issues or guest concerns in a swift and efficient manner, keeping guests informed and answering any questions. They will be able to alleviate stress during unpredictable situations and use their initiative to diffuse situations and fix problems in a timely fashion. Staff are an event’s brand ambassador, they communicate the desired look, atmosphere and quality that the event wishes to embody. Engage your staff in your event and their enthusiasm will amplify your message to your guests.

Overall, a great member of staff will have guest satisfaction utmost in their consideration. Excellent customer service will always be remembered.

Employing great staff provides the opportunity for an event to create an initial and lasting impression to its guests.  It is inevitable that an Event will encounter some issues from conception to implementation; the success of an event, however, is only judged by guest experience on the day; with the right staff providing great customer service, guest satisfaction is far closer to being achieved.

Our advice is simple: by hiring the best staff for your event and treating them fairly you stand the best chance of your event being a great success, no matter what unexpected variable occur.