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At Brightsparks we’re so much more than just recruitment.

Brightsparks’ mission is to connect talented people to each other throughout their studies and careers to help them and their organisations fulfil their potential.

We believe peoples’ careers encompass so much more than just their jobs, so we need to be much more than just recruitment to support them. We exist to create the platform that ignites the potential in others, building a community of Brightsparks that not only succeed but in turn inspire others to do the same.

Our unique business model develops and maintains relationships with our community throughout their studies and careers, creating a self-supporting network of people, ourselves included. The size and quality of this community creates a network of people much greater than its sum of parts.

Why Brightsparks?

We embrace technology.

We encourage and enable our staff and community to interact, work and build their careers in the real world. It is here where real and fulfilling conversations and careers flourish.

However, physical networks can only grow so big and people power has its limits on processing all that information. Technology not only allows for a greater reach, but offers the possibility and value of insight that can make a real difference to people and organisations. We see the potential others might not, and we’re invested in a commitment to harvest the best of both worlds.

Brightsparks in numbers.

Brighter futures take time, focus, innovation, measurement and constant hard work. We are proud of what we have achieved and enriched by the people we have met and helped so far – we are excited about what the future holds.

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