Where are they now?

Episode 7 

I think Sarah says it all so, in her words!:

My name is Sarah, I’m 25, Irish and  a big fan of Brightsparks!

I worked with Brightsparks for nearly 4 years while I lived in London. I was working full time but on a temporary basis in a primary school so Brightsparks was so handy for filling in school breaks when I wasn’t being paid during that time. Once I went permanent in the school, I kept working with Brightsparks as the extra pay really helped with living in expensive London. I wanted to become a primary school teacher and the experience I was gaining in my position in the school isn’t available in Ireland so working with Brightsparks allowed me to save for uni while living in London and to have a social life, because.. well.. Balance!

Brightsparks was a perfect fit for me as I had waitressing experience however I met plenty of people who had no previous experience and were trained to provide a high level of VIP service or working in other areas. The easily accessed app meant I could plan in advance and decide when I wanted to work and where. I personally enjoyed working in Twickenham most so would make sure to sign up to as many matches and events held there. I worked in private boxes and the agency would do their best to keep the same staff in the same areas. A handy tip- there was always plenty of work going, no matter what venue you prefer, for November and December ensuring you have plenty of extra cash for Christmas!

Since leaving Brightsparks I have moved back to Ireland and returned to uni to study Primary Teaching. My experience and references from Brightsparks helped me to secure a part time job at home. From working in new venues and working with so many different people I feel more prepared for starting my teaching placement. I can be quite uncomfortable in new situations and was feeling quite daunted by the idea of walking into a new class, school, staffroom etc but I am far more confident now than I was before.

I highly recommend Brightsparks as an agency. They are easy going but professional which is difficult to find. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating and I hope to see them again.

Best of luck!