Where are they now?

Episode 1

We often wonder what our Brightsparks go on to do when they move on from us. We have so many talented Brightsparks that it is not surprising that so many go on to do amazing things. We have contacted some past Brightsparks to catch up with them and see how their time at Brightsparks helped them to become who they are today. We will be telling their stories over the next few weeks, I hope you find them both interesting and useful!

Yazmin: June 2009-Oct 2013

I was a Brightspark light years ago now but it taught me everything I know today. Not only was it the roundest learning curve I ever had, it was also just a really fun time where I met some great people! Obviously, we worked hard and had some long hours but that’s where we made memories.

10 years down the line and I still remember them.

I studied a 4 year degree and the entire time I temped with Brightsparks all over London and the country!

Even when I graduated and had to get a big girl job, it was Brightsparks who found it for me and supported me on that journey. They found a match and four and a half years later I am still with the same company. I started as Duty Manager but now I am an Assistant General Manager of a branch of Wahaca. It’s a job I truly love and Brightsparks knew it would be a great love affair!”

Check back soon for the next instalment!