Where are they now?

Episode 2

The next instalment comes from a Brightspark who came to us at the tender age of 18 and remained working with us for 3.5 years whilst studying at Kings.

Jack: Oct 2012-March 2016

“I work as a Modern Foreign Languages teacher at a large, high-achieving secondary school in the south of England, teaching French and German to a huge variety of enthusiastic and engaged students. I have ended up in this position through my studies of Languages at University, where I worked part-time with Brightsparks (and often full-time – and then some! – during my long holiday periods).

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Brightsparks because of the range of places I got to work in, the variety of people that I met (both as colleagues and clients), and the hugely valuable people skills that I could hone even further, allowing me to be so confident in teaching and leading classrooms. I also got to travel around with Brightsparks, working venues not just in and around London, but also events in Chichester, Kent and Paris.

In my time at Brightsparks I was even able to progress within hospitality to being recruited as a Box Area Supervisor and helping with the supervision of large-scale events (for example the Christmas season at Battersea Evolution, where I was often a Section Supervisor).

Brightsparks taught me such a range of skills, reminded me of the importance of efficiency, proactivity, dedication and hard-work, and working with such a team was a truly wonderful experience that I would (and have!) recommended to many people since leaving”.

Jack has just arrived back from Kenya where he spent 2 weeks over his Easter holiday teaching Modern Foreign Languages, supporting the community and living as the locals live.