Think live events are dead? Think again.

Good News for Graduate Event Jobs

Ten years ago, some people were forecasting the end of face-to-face events. In response to this prediction, all sorts of online platforms sprung up with the purpose of recreating physical events using digital means. Guess what? Many of those platforms are gone. The naysayers were wrong.

Face-to-face events are alive and kicking – and they’re stronger than ever.

Let’s take most exhibitions that happen over a number of consecutive days.  Most will consist of attendees participate in panel discussions, breakout sessions, getting their hands dirty in interactive labs, attend innovation keynotes to learn from top technology experts and finally but by no means least, network with peers from around the world.

Getting people together in person is still an extraordinary experience — especially today, when so many of our conversations happen online. This is great news for people considering graduate event jobs. The lines of the offline and online experience are increasingly becoming blurred. It is about building a fully integrated customer experience, before, during, and after the in-person event, online and offline. In the digital age, nearly 60% of the buying process takes place online before consumers involve a sales person.  However, at some point they are ready for face-to-face engagement, and then events are critical to their decision-making process.

Long live the live event!!  As part of the overall marketing mix and integrated campaigns they are an engaging and powerful experience.


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